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Grants & Where to Find Them

A grant is a type of financial assistance awarded to a person or organisation to help them to study, conduct research or develop and implement a community program.

A grant might be a kind of scholarship to a student that doesn't have to be repaid or it might be money given to a community organisation or individual person to undertake charitable activities.

There are many potential sources of funding for community projects, such as:

  • Government funding 
  • Through private sector or individual sponsorships and foundations

A number of these funding sources are targeted to young people.

Who Can Get a Grant?

Grants are usually available to:

  • Individuals
  • Students
  • Youth organisations
  • Community groups
  • Recreation clubs and organisations
  • Local Government
  • Not-for-profit organisations
  • Schools

Where Can I Find Out what Grants are Available?

The Department of Planning and Community Development website has a Grants Finder (new window) to help you search for available grants.

The Department of Human Services' Office for Youth also provides a list of grants target at young people over on their Youth Grants page (new window).

You should also talk to career advisors or librarians at your high school, university or TAFE - they may have access to some of the professional, industry-based grants databases out there.

Check out the other links below this article for some sources of grants in Victoria and Australia.

How Do I Apply for a Grant?

Because every grant is different, there will be different requirements for each application. It's important to get a copy of the grant guidelines to make sure you're eligible and to know what criteria your application must address and when you have to submit it.

An important thing to keep in mind is that government grant selection committees will be looking for evidence that you or your organisation can do what it proposes.

The government prefers to give funds to organisations and groups that can show that they have the skills and resources to implement the project and are 'ready to go'.

This does not in any way exclude new groups or organisations wanting to innovate and explore new ground. It does mean, though, that you need a clear and practical implementation plan to go with your good idea.

We've put together a page of tips for writing grant applications to help you write a successful grant submission.

You should also check out our Scholarships and Philanthropic Programs page for information about other kinds of financial assistance available to you.


Department of Planning and Community Development - Grants
The Department of Planning and Community Development offers a range of grants to community organisations big and small. Use the Find a Grant tool to see what kind of grant's you're eligible for, and check out some of the success stories about grants and how they've helped Victorian Communities.

Department of Human Services - Youth Grants
List of currently available grants aimed at helping young Victorians. 

Find grants available through the Australian Government. 

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