When siblings move out: a survival guide

When a sibling moves out"When my brother moved out it was hard for me." Roving reporter Jasen shares ways to make it easier when your brother or sister move out of home.

When my brother moved out it was hard for me. Yes we always fought, but once he was gone I felt like I had lost a part of me.

I didn't expect it to effect me as much as it did, but it was really strange thinking that he would not be at home for most things anymore. It also showed me that time is moving, and change is inevitable, and that I have no control over it.

I remember having sleepovers in his bedroom at Christmas time when we plotted to catch Santa but ended up falling asleep anyway. I knew that things like that wouldn't ever happen again. It feels weird sitting here in his empty bedroom where my computer now lives on his desk.

I'm proud of him. He has got himself a nice house with his girlfriend, and is making a go of living independently. They both stayed there for the first time on Saturday night. It is now Sunday. I didn't get woken up by his girlfriend's awesome laugh this morning. I didn't get woken up by his yelling. It was very weird to wake up to silence.

So because this time has been hard for me, I have put a couple of handy hints together to make it easier for other people who might be going through the same thing.

  • Help with the move as much as possible - Whether it be moving furniture or cleaning the new house/apartment, involving yourself in their new lives will make the move easier for you as well as less stressful for the people moving.
  • Talk about the move - Have a talk to your brother or sister about how they are feeling about the move. They might be just as worried as you. This means that you can both voice your fears and worries.
  • Do something just for you - Go shopping, go to the movies or hang out with friends. Whatever it is, make some time for you. You need to reflect on this moment in life, and my best tip is just try to relax.
  • Find them a cool housewarming present - I spent a long time trying to find something they didn't have (they HAVE EVERYTHING). So I went into a little antique store and found something that would put my stamp on their new home. The other option was from Mum, who said they needed a toasted sandwich maker... hmm, not very inspired...

With these couple of handy hints, this period in my life has been an exciting, thrilling, interesting, busy time. I am still wondering when he is going to come home, but I have accepted that he is 23 now and it was time for him to start his life separate from us. I am really happy for him and his girlfriend and hope that they can make it out there in the 'real' world.


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