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Studying & Exam Tips - Victoria - Youth CentralYou can't escape the fact that if you're a student, you also need to study. Exams are something that nobody really looks forward to. While most of us groan at the thought of study, it doesn't have to be difficult. With the right kinds of strategies in place you can develop a series of good habits that will make studying and dealing with exams much easier.

There are some really good websites out there with tips and tricks that can help you make it through the exam period safely.

Reach Out! has a list of good suggestions (new window) that can help you to study more effectively and efficiently, and a helpful article on the ideas for Time Management (new window).

There are also some good articles about dealing with exams, including how to deal with exam stress (new window) and general tips on dealing with anxiety (new window).

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) is a good place to go for information about exams if you're in your final years at high school. VCE students (new window) can check out the current exam timetable, look at past exams and assessment reports and find out about the General Achievement Test (GAT).

For university students facing the inevitable exams period, James Cook University's Learning Skills Online (new window) and Writing Skills Online (new window) pages have a really good general overview of ways to prepare for your end-of-year exams. Some of the information is specific to JCU, but most of it is applicable to any tertiary course.

Links for study & exam tips

Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA)
The VCAA deals with secondary school curriculum throughout Victoria, and has some helpful information about the VCE examination process.

James Cook University - Learning Skills Programs and Resources
Great resources and step-by-step guides to preparing for exams and improving your study skills.

Reach Out! - School, Uni + TAFE
Reach out has information and resourses on how to avoid stressful time while at studying.

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