FReeZA Showcase


Check out what gigs FReeZA has coming up, reviews of previous events, Artist of the Month and best practices articles covering a range of topics to successfully stage FReeZA events.

Event Guide
Have a look at what events are taking place in your community to tag along and enjoy the fun that is sure to be had!

Event Reviews
If you have attended a FReeZA event- we would love for you to write to us about how it went! Check out what events other have been to.

Artist of the Month
Each month FReeZA will showcase emerging bands and artists that have performed at local FReeZA gigs. Check out some of the best young talent from across Victoria here!.

Best Practice
This section provides you with information about different aspects of the FReeZA program. Each section offers tips and suggestions, along with case studies for current FReeZA committees, their workers, and other potential music industry players.