FReeZA Workers


The front row of a crowd at a FReeZA event.The FReeZA Workers section provides the tools and resources available to assist in the delivery of the key components of the FReeZA program. To ensure that you are meeting all the requirements in the delivery of the FReeZA program the Community and Economic Participation Branch have developed the FReeZA 2016-2018 Guidelines and Conditions of Service Delivery (458.62 KB)

The document includes general advice on performance targets, reporting requirements and other important information that will assist you in delivering FReeZA events in line with best practice industry standards.

The FReeZA Workers section has been divided into the following sections:

Reporting Requirements
FReeZA reporting templates and event forms

Communication Guidelines
Information on Branding, Logos and FReeZA tag lines

Useful Contacts
Useful links and tool to support the program delivery