Grants & Where to Find Them


Steps and facade of the Parliament of VictoriaA grant is a payment that's awarded to a person or organisation in order to help them to do things like study, do a research project, or put together and run a community program or event.

Some examples of grants include scholarships paid to students or money given to a community organisation to help them to do charitable activities.

There are lots of grants out there, offered by lots of different organisations, including:

  • Government funding 
  • Sponsorships from private companies
  • Grants and scholarships offered by community organisations

Some of these grants, sponsorships and scholarships are targeted specifically at young people.

Who Can Get a Grant?

Grants are often made available to:

  • Individuals
  • Students
  • Youth organisations
  • Community groups
  • Sport and recreation clubs 
  • Local Government
  • Not-for-profit organisations
  • Schools

What Kinds of Grants are Available?

Grants Victoria is a directory of grants offered by the Victorian Government. You can browse grants by category (including Education, Arts, Health and Sport) or use the search tool to search using keywords.

The Department of Human Services' Office for Youth also provides a list of grants targeted at young people on their Youth Grants page (new window). Examples of grants on offer include:

  • National Youth Week grants, helping people run events during National Youth Week
  • Be Heard! community radio grants
  • Change It Up! and Shape It! grants that help young people to get involved in local government

You could also talk to career advisors, teachers or librarians at your high school, university or TAFE - they may know about some of the other kinds of grants out there, or be able to help you find out where to look for them.

Check out the links at the end of this article for some placed to find out about grants in Victoria and Australia.

How Do I Apply for a Grant?

Because every grant is different, each grant you apply for will have different requirements. It's important to get a copy of the grant guidelines to make sure:

  • You're actually eligible to apply
  • You know what criteria to address in your application
  • You know when you have to submit the application

An important thing to keep in mind is that government grant selection committees will be looking for evidence that you or your organisation can actually do what you say you want to do. If you've done something similar in the past, make sure you mention that on your application!

Remember: funding bodies prefer to give funds to organisations and groups that can show they have the skills and resources to make their project work. They also prefer to fund organisations that can start their projects as soon as possible.

This doesn't mean new groups or organisations that have never applied for a grant before shouldn't apply. It just means you need a clear and practical implementation plan to go with your good idea.

We've put together a page of tips for writing grant applications to help you write a successful grant submission.

You should also check out our Scholarships and Philanthropic Programs page for information about other kinds of financial assistance is out there.

Finally, check out our Youth Programs page for more information about support and assistance that the Victorian Government can provide to young Victorians.


Grants Victoria
Directory of Victorian Government grants, from Education and Arts to Health,Sport and beyond. 

Department of Human Services - Youth Grants
List of currently available grants offered through the Department of Human Services that are aimed at helping young Victorians. 

Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure - Grants
The Department of Planning and Community Development offers a range of grants relating to sport and recreation and community infrastructure.

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Directory of financial assistance available for new and existing businesses and employers in Victoria.