WorkSafe Victoria


Young Victorian workers between the ages of 15 and 24 are more likely to be injured at work and hospitalised than any other age group.

Victorian employees injured at work or who suffer illness due to work have a right to apply for compensation from WorkSafe Victoria.

WorkSafe Victoria also covers you for injury and illnesses on work-related journeys and work-related training.

What does WorkSafe Victoria provide?

WorkSafe Victoria provides various benefits to injured workers including:

  • Payment of reasonable medical and like services
  • Lump-sum payments for permanent disability
  • Income support for periods of incapacity from work

Any injuries received as a result of workplace violence are also covered by WorkSafe Victoria.

How do I make a WorkSafe Victoria claim?

To claim compensation from WorkSafe Victoria you must:

  • Visit a doctor after initially reporting the injury at work
  • Get a medical certificate from the doctor outlining the injury or medical condition
  • Complete a WorkSafe Victoria claim form - you can get one at any post office or download one from the WorkSafe Victoria website (new window)
  • Forward the form to your employer along with the medical certificate

Always keep copies of any documentation (medical certificates, claim forms, letters from insurance companies, etc.) related to a WorkSafe Victoria claim. This will help later if anything goes wrong with the claim.

Remember - claims for compensation from WorkSafe Victoria should be made within 30 days of becoming aware of the injury.

Useful contacts

WorkSafe Victoria
Information about worker rights and obligations, reporting a workplace incident, and how to get assistance.
Toll free advisory service: 1800 136 089
Tel: (03) 9641 1444

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