Victoriaworks Case Study: Nakita


NakitaOne week Nakita was an 18-year-old secondary school student. Three weeks later she was helping run a court.

Nakita started her 12-month Youth Employment Scheme traineeship with the Ringwood Magistrates' Court after hearing about the scheme from her mother.

"My mum works for an employment scheme. I wanted a job at the magistrates' court and she told me about the traineeships," she said.

"I had an interview the day after I got back from schoolies' week, started on the Friday and two weeks later was helping run a court."

Nakita said she was interested in working in the legal system but did not have the required Tertiary Entrance Rank to enrol in her preferred university course.

Nakita found that the traineeship gave her the perfect opportunity to kick-start her career. She says it  was a fantastic opportunity.

"It offers so many opportunities and is really well set up. The actual work at the court was just fantastic," she says.

Senior Registrar Barry Johnstone says Nakita learnt to assist in the administration of a court for a range of hearings.

"Feedback from various magistrates has seen her win nothing but praise for her maturity, confidence and ability in undertaking her courtroom duties," he says.

Nakita decided to continue her education after her traineeship.

"I was offered a full time position, but I have declined and am off to uni this year to study a Bachelor of Arts at Monash, majoring in criminology and psychology. I was very upset to leave," she said.

"It was a fantastic experience, the people were absolutely amazing. Everyone was really understanding and willing to help, even if you asked the same questions a million times, they would give you the same answer so patiently."

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