How Safe is Your Car?


TAC - How Safe Is Your CarIf you're thinking about buying a new car, whether it's your first car or your latest, it's important to understand how safe the car you're planning on buying is.

The TAC's How Safe is Your Car (new window) has been developed specifically for finding out the the crash protection rating of the vehicles you're thinking of buying.

How Safe is Your Car provides rating information on around 80% of vehicles made after 1990. Each car is rated according to its crash protection, including protective features like:

  • How it's made
  • Safety details including seatbelts and airbags

On How Safe is Your Car you can:

  • Browse each vehicle's rating
  • Compare up to three different vehicles to see which is the safest
  • Pick a vehicle by selecting from a range of safety features that you want

Head over to (new window) to find out more.

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