JVEN - breaking down job barriers


The Jobs Victoria Employment Network (JVEN) is a Victorian Government program that can help people aged 15-24 get into employment. 

JVEN service providers help people who face barriers to getting work, including people who are:

  • from Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander backgrounds
  • from culturally diverse backgrounds
  • long-term unemployed
  • homeless
  • low-income earners
  • people with a disability
  • people with a mental illness
  • refugees
  • asylum seekers
  • single parents
  • young people in or out of home care
  • youth justice clients
  • social housing residents.

JVEN services have specialist employment experts who work closely with employers to find job opportunities and help people looking for work prepare for these jobs.

The program connects jobseekers with the opportunities they need to not only find a job, but hold onto it.

JVEN services are based in both Melbourne and across regional Victoria.

For more information about support for you or someone you know, contact JVEN Employment Programs at jobsvictoria@ecodev.vic.gov.au.