Admissions tests


Getting into a uni or TAFE course is sometimes based on more than just your ATAR. Some courses require you to sit a test to make sure you're ready to do the work required. These are often called "admissions tests".

It's important to find out as soon as you can if there is an admissions test required to get into the course you want to do.

If there is an admissions test, make sure you sit it! Without passing the admissions test it's unlikely you'll get into the course.

How to find out if you have to do an admissions test

Details about any tests required to get into a course are usually provided:

How to Prepare for an admissions test

Here are some simple steps for getting ready for an admissions test

1. Find out when it's on

Admissions tests don't all happen at the same time. Some happen in mid-year, like the annual UMAT test in July that's required by some universities for entry into medical degrees.

Make sure you know the exact date and time of the admissions tests you need to take.

2. Find out where it's on

Some admissions tests can be taken online, but other tests may take place on campus or at other on-site locations. 

Find out where you need to be for your admissions tests and make sure you know:

  • How you're going to get there
  • How long it will take to get there
  • How long it's going to take

3. Find out what's going to be on it

Get in touch with the institution or department that runs the course and ask if they can tell you what to expect on the test. They might be able to provide past tests you can use for revision.

For example, the VTAC website has practise tips and links about the tests they run (new window).

If you can't find anyone to tell you what to expect from the test, you can still:

  • Do some online research
  • Do some general study related to the field the course is in

4. Do some study

Once you've got an idea of the kind of things to expect from the test, it's time to do some study.

Our Top 10 study tips page has lots of great advice about making the most of your study time.

5. Make a plan for the day of the test

It helps to have a plan in mind before you sit an admissions test. Our Top 10 exam tips page has some great advice about what to do before, during and after a test or exam.