Student resources


Student life can be a lot of fun but it can also leave you broke. It can be hard to afford everything you need to pay for, especially if you’re living away from home.

The good news is that as a student you’ll be eligible for all sorts of discounts and there are plenty of free and low cost services that you can use.

Buy second-hand textbooks

Your uni or TAFE is likely to have a second-hand book shop but you can also buy and sell textbooks online at StudentVIP (new window). It’s free to join and there’s no transaction fee.

Buying second-hand textbooks will save you a lot of money and you can make use of any notes written by the student who had it before you!

Sometimes an older version of a textbook may not cover everything that the new version does. Speak to your lecturer or course coordinator if you have any concerns about buying an earlier edition of a textbook.

If you have to have a new copy of any textbooks, it's worth checking out the possibility of finding a bookstore that does student discounts. Check out our Student concessions page for more info about getting things cheaper as a student.

Make the most of student services on campus

Look no further than your uni or TAFE if you’re in need of a professional service like:

  • Doctors or dentists
  • Childcare
  • Legal advice
  • Personal trainers
  • Photocopying or printing
  • Counselling
  • Audiovisual equipment rental

Student unions and the uni or TAFE itself offer many free or low-cost services to students.

A walk around your campus will help you find out what’s on offer. You could also talk to your student administration or search your uni or TAFE's website.

Join a club or society

Student clubs and societies offer lots of cheap and cheerful deals for their members. For example, a sports club might offer you discount rates at the campus gym and a cultural society might organise free meals or cheap drinks nights.

Some student clubs and societies have sponsorship deals with local businesses and you could be eligible for discounts with them when you show your membership card.

Joining a club or society at your uni or TAFE is a great way to make friends and hang out with people who are also living on a student budget.

Your uni or TAFE's website should have some information about clubs and societies. Getting along to O-Week activities is another good way to find out about this sort of thing.

Take advantage of student discounts

As a full-time student you’re entitled to discounts on all sorts of things. For example, there are student rates for sports events, health services and club memberships.

If you’re not sure, ask. If you’re a part-time student or studying a short course you might also be eligible for discounts.

Check out our page on Student concessions for more info.