Getting ready for tertiary study


So you've been offered a place in a tertiary course and you've accepted it. Congratulations! Now what? 

Here's a run-down on things to think about and what to expect before you get to your first class.


The first step towards tertiary study is enrolment. This means fronting up at the time and place specified in your letter of offer.

When you enrol you provide information about yourself, pick your classes and find out what you need to know before classes start.

If you can't make it on enrolment day - because of travel or work commitments, for example - you can arrange for someone else to enrol on your behalf. This is called enrolling 'by proxy'.

If you need to enrol by proxy, make sure you discuss the requirements of proxy enrolment with your course co-ordinators and with the person who's enrolling for you.

Financial assistance

Tertiary study can be expensive, but there are ways to make paying for study a bit easier.

Living away from home

The campus where you study could be a long way away from your family home. You might need to find somewhere to live closer to where you're studying. 

Residential colleges

One option is to living on campus in a residential college. Check out your uni or TAFE's website to find out about what student accommodation they offer. You can also check out our Student accommodation page.

Renting and sharehousing

You might prefer to rent a house yourself.  Check out our Housing and Accommodation section for more about sharehousing and renting.

Orientation Week

Most unis and TAFEs run a week-long program for new students to find out about their course, the campus, what social clubs are around, and what services are available. This is called 'Orientation Week', or simply 'O Week'.

O Week can be a great way to make new friends. Check out your uni or TAFE's website for details of their O Week program.

Our O Week page has an overview of the things O Week has to offer.

Have fun with it

Starting tertiary study can be an overwhelming experience, but thousands of people do it every year. As long as you're prepared to ask for help when you need it, the next chapter of your educational life should work out just fine.

Good luck!