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Every year between mid-November and mid-December thousands of Year 12 students celebrate the end of school with a holiday. Some places in Victoria run organised Schoolies celebrations, including:

  • Lorne
  • Torquay
  • Phillip Island
  • Rye.

The main Schoolies destinations in Victoria have put together the Good Times, Great Breaks website. It has information about:

  • getting to and around the local areas
  • how to have a good (and safe) time while you're there.

Other places may have their own organised schoolies efforts. A quick search for 'schoolies' and your destination should turn something up.

Register for Schoolies

If you're doing Schoolies in Lorne, Torquay, Phillip Island or Rye, registering is a great way to score free stuff and helpful local info.

Registration is FREE and gets you:

  • access to shuttle buses
  • free BBQs
  • access to activities run by the Good Times Great Breaks teams.

To register visit the Good Times Great Breaks website.

For the latest Schoolies information, follow Good Times, Great Breaks on their Facebook page.

If you're not doing Schoolies in the above areas, there may also be registration where you're going. It's worth looking into to see what kind of swag you could score. Do a search for the place you're heading to and 'schoolies registration'.

Have a safe time!

For more about celebrating safely and looking after your mates, visit these pages on Youth Central: