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Ever wondered what it was like to be an auctioneer? A jeweller? A physiotherapist? How about a viticulturist? Find out about different careers straight from the mouths of those who've "been there, done that."

Agriculture, forestry & fishing

As a horticulturist you could find yourself doing nursery work, landscaping, managing parks, gardens, reserves and parklands, or working as an arborist or tree surgeon.
Got green thumbs? Gardening is a physically demanding job. You've got to be tough and be able to 'keep on trucking' even when it's raining. Find out more about being a Gardener.
Russell explains some of the details of being a wheat and sheep farmer.
Born and bred in the Barossa Valley, John says that viticulture is practically in his blood. Find out about being a Viticulturist.
If you fancy interacting with reptiles, amphibians, and insects on a daily basis, read more.