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Kate, Hospitality traineeship

Describe your average day.

As soon as I arrive, I have a number of responsibilities before the restaurant opens. These include putting all the clean glasses, cutlery and plates back into the bar and restaurant, setting the tables, stocking the fridges, folding and ironing the bar and restaurant linens. When the restaurant opens, I serve customers at the bar, clear tables and help with the dishes. Once the customers have left the restaurant I set the tables for the following night.

How did you find out about this traineeship?

I had previously completed a retail traineeship with Goldfields Employment and Learning Centre and had just started a hospitality course when this traineeship became available. Goldfields knew how much I wanted to get into the hospitality industry and told me about this opportunity.

What did you want to do after high school?

Ever since I learnt cooking at school I wanted to do something in the hospitality industry.  I like all aspects of it and had always wanted to become a chef.

Did you have any previous work experience?

I left high school half way through Year 11 because I didn't enjoy being at school; it just wasn't me. When I left, I had no job to go to. Later I found work in retail at a local newsagency. I then worked as a factory hand at Castle Bacon, later I worked in a fish and chip shop.

What do you like most about the traineeship?

I like that my traineeship is in the industry I have always wanted to work in. There aren't many hospitality job opportunities in Maryborough so I feel really lucky to have found this traineeship.

It's great to be learning all aspects of the industry and it's great to have a job.

What is the most interesting thing you have done during your traineeship?

Learning new things from Christoph, the chef. I love working with food so I really enjoy watching him prepare the meals and watch how he presents them. Sometimes I go home and try to do it myself.

What traits do you need for the traineeship?

You have to be responsible (especially when serving alcohol), keen to learn, like working with people, have good communication and customer service skills, dress and look presentable, speak well and love what you are doing.

What are your plans for the future?

I'd love to own my own restaurant or café, perhaps with a focus on vegetarian food. Being vegetarian I have found it difficult to find anywhere that serves tasty and interesting vegetarian meals. I don't want it to be like any other restaurant or café, I want my business to have a point of difference.

What advice would you give people considering a traineeship in hospitality?

Don't quit looking for your dream job. It can get tough at times, but you have to stay with it and keep trying.

And keep a good attitude to your work and the people you work with.

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