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Lowanna, 24

What do you do?

I help with the Artist and Community Program, which is a part of the Victorian Government's Arts Policy. I help the regional galleries with funding and festival arrangements. I also work on the Deadly - which means 'excellent' in Indigenous languages - Arts Business Initiative, which is aimed at profiling Victorian Indigenous artists.

Describe your average day

I work from nine to five. I always check my emails and phone messages first thing before checking my diary for meetings. I then do a list to prioritise my workload each day - I would be lost without it - and then start liaising with the galleries and artists about their requirements for the day.

How did you get to where you are today?

After finishing VCE I started a traineeship, which fell through. I went to Diversity At Work, which is a job agency. The agency secured me an interview for a YES traineeship with Arts Victoria's Artist and Community Program and I was successful. I completed my traineeship in August this year and now have a permanent position with the program.

What do you like most about your job?

Meeting all the different people. I've never worked with artists before so it can be quite interesting.

What study is included in your traineeship/apprenticeship?

Through my YES traineeship I recently completed a Certificate II in Business Administration with Kangan Batman TAFE in Broadmeadows and I also had an on-the-job trainer who visited me once a month for training.

What skills do you need? 

Sound computer skills as well as knowledge and awareness of the Aboriginal community, particularly knowledge and awareness of the trends of Indigenous artwork as well as knowledge of Victorian Government policies.

What are the perks of your job?

I get to visit galleries across Australia for meetings and conferences and I also get to work closely with the Aboriginal community. This job also gives me a chance to research and identify my own heritage.

Your plans for the future?

I want to stay here and develop my skills further in my current job while helping as many people as I can.  

Advice to people considering a traineeship or apprenticeship?

Go for it! It has given me a chance to get my foot in the door at a place I really like and at the same time help the Aboriginal community - it's a great career pathway.

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