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Name: Elizabeth
Age: Early 20s
Works for: Bendigo Bank

"There are a million places I could go in ICT."

Elizabeth loves nothing more than grabbing the swag and heading off the beaten track for a bit of camping. Usually ending up around Echuca or Swan Hill, Elizabeth takes her boyfriend and their trusty blue heeler Duke along for company. ‘The secret to having great fun is to take very little with you,’ says Elizabeth. ‘It’s the perfect antidote to my busy weekday life.’

Tell us what you do for work, Elizabeth.

I'm an Information Analyst with the Bendigo Bank. The title sounds a little generic for what I actually do, but basically I work in the Management, Information and Reporting Centre, helping to analyse, design and develop both internal and external reports for many different parts of the Bank.

What does your job entail on a day-to-day basis?

It’s totally different every day. Most of the time I’m talking to customers and to other departments within the bank. I do a lot of the one-off reports, working out what information is needed, and then helping to gather that information and provide it to the client.

What do you like about your job?

I get to work with lots of people. I’m always meeting new people, new customers. It’s not a job where you sit on your own in the back room. We work together as a team, which is really fun. Also the technical side of the work is challenging. I’m constantly learning new things. It’s exciting.

What skills did you need for this job?

Currently I’m doing a double degree in Business and Computing at Latrobe University in Bendigo. I spent five months last year working with the Bendigo Bank as part of the university’s industry-based learning scholarship. I’ve been lucky enough to stay on with the bank while I finish my course full-time. At the moment I’m working one day a week for the bank and more during holidays.

What made you decide on a career in ICT?

I wasn’t really interested in computers as a kid. Sure, I used them, but I wasn’t obsessed. I started out studying Behavioural Science but quickly realised I didn’t like it. I took up the course in Business and Computing instead.

I found out that I loved ICT. I had never done any computer programming before uni, but I found it came very naturally to me.

What was your parents’ response to you choosing a career in ICT?

When I began my course my parents wanted me to focus on accounting. I told them I preferred ICT. They were hesitant because they didn’t understand what ICT was. Now they’re really happy with the choice I made. It’s just been a matter of educating them.

Where do you see your career going next?

Wow! I haven’t even finished uni yet. Right now I hope to continue with the Bendigo Bank. I’m really happy here. It’s good fun. Later I may want to travel with work. There are a million places I could go with ICT. I’m in such a broad area. In the long term I’m hoping to end up in a management role, perhaps being a Business Analyst or maybe something else. Who knows?

What advice would you give to anyone considering a career in ICT?

If you enjoy it, then go for it.

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