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Mark, Apprentice motor mechanic

Describe your average day.

My first responsibility is to get things ready for the day, clean the work benches, empty bins, sweep and tidy the workshop. We then start work on servicing the cars. My job varies; I assist the other mechanics, do whatever needs to be done and help wherever I can.

How did you find out about this apprenticeship?

There was an ad in the paper to do a course through CVGT Employment and Learning Specialists. I went to an information session held by CVGT and told them I was interested. They put me through some training and found me an apprenticeship.

What did you want to do after high school?

While I was at school, I worked in retail part time at Big W, but I wanted to be either a mechanic or a builder. I've always had an interest in cars. When this apprenticeship came up I decided to leave school during Year 10 to get started.

What is the most interesting thing you have done during your apprenticeship?

I helped rebuild a whole engine; an old Nissan Patrol. We basically stripped it back and rebuilt the whole transmission, gear box and engine.

What training is included in your apprenticeship?

On the job the other mechanics show me what to do. They watch me work to make sure I do it right.. and then I do it myself. I will also go to TAFE to learn things like how to use the tools and equipment, and occupational health and safety.

What traits do you need for the apprenticeship?

You need be willing and keen to learn and have a basic understanding and interest in cars, because you are working with them every day.

What are your plans for the future?

I really want to finish my apprenticeship with Echuca Motors and continue working for a few years. When I get enough experience, I'd like to open my own mechanic business working on performance cars and parts.

What advice would you give people considering becoming an apprentice mechanic?

If you have an interest in cars, and you really want to learn how to become a mechanic, go see your school Careers Advisor and talk to them about finding an apprenticeship. And if you get the opportunity to do work experience in that field first, do it!

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