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Jenny Donovan, Director, David Lock Associates


  • Master of Philosophy (Urban Design) - University of Central England 1998
  • Certificate of Exemption from RTPI exams 1991
  • Master of Arts in Urban Design - Oxford Brookes University 1991
  • Diploma of Urban Design - Oxford Brookes University
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) Town Planning - University of Central England 1990

Career overview

Jenny has been actively involved in urban design, social and environmental planning and landscape design for over 17 years, both in research and in practice. She has a wide range of experience working in the private, public and community sectors in Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Ethiopia, Kosovo and Sri Lanka.

Milestone projects

International Expert in Urban Placemaking Consultancy UN Habitat, Kosovo: Jenny was appointed as a placemaking expert for UN-Habitat in 2007 and has served two terms based in Kosovo. The project involved working with local communities to facilitate inclusive design processes and prepare 25 concept designs for a variety of urban spaces in Kosovo including streets, squares, riversides, parks and markets. Jenny also prepared promotional design guidelines to communicate the principals, techniques and benefits of good urban design.

Norlane and Corio Renewal Strategy Office of Housing/Major Projects Victoria: Jenny led the urban design component of this project which sought to identify "best practice" urban renewal in two of Victoria's most disadvantaged suburbs to help make a case for Treasury funding. The urban design strategy presented was successful in winning funding for "the biggest single building project?" under the present Victorian Government. This $40 million project to build 200 houses with associated works and refurbish a further 100 "recognises the particular needs of communities and particular issues in this area,"? and will "make a real difference to the community, improving access to affordable, comfortable accommodation".? (Press release May 2007.)

Why planning?

"I love the challenge of working with different communities to come up with plans that can improve the quality of people's lives, as I believe urban design can achieve, and create places that better meet the needs of the people who live there. I enjoy the creative process and feel honoured to be involved in a profession that places such a significance on social and ecological responsibility. I also enjoy visiting places all over Victoria and beyond, learning about the issues that effect people’s quality of life and designing spaces that are used by a wide range of people."

Getting started

Planning Institute of Australia
The peak body representing professions involved in planning Australia’s cities, towns, regions and places.

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