Youth Programs


The Victorian Government offers many programs that can help you get involved in your communities, and to develop skills and experiences that will help you to determine your future.

You can contribute toward your local community as a school student by getting involved in the Advance Program. If you're a musician, or just a music lover, the FReeZA program is a way to help to run and perform at shows in your area, or just to enjoy some local talent.

The Involve Committee and Youth Parliament are great ways to get involved in the political process in a very direct way, and programs like National Youth Week and Be Heard! help young people to participate in things like arts & cultural events and community radio.

This page has heaps of information about programs aimed at young people. If you're looking for a way to get involved and active, or to develop new skills and make new friends, have a look through the programs listed. There's something for everyone here.