How to Write a Resignation Letter


Resignation Letter, Letter of Resignation - Victoria - Youth CentralOnce you've decided to resign from a job and you've worked out how much notice you're required to give (check out our Resigning and quitting page for more on this), the next step is to put your resignation in writing.

Writing a resignation letter doesn't have to be hard. Here's some basic tips on how to go about it.

What to include

When writing your resignation letter keep it short and stick to the point. Use formal language and try to be nice about it.

You should include:

  • A statement of your intention to resign and the last date you’ll be working for the organisation
  • A short explanation of why you are leaving
  • Something positive about your experiences in the job and with the organisation (e.g., the opportunity to gain experience or develop your skills)
  • If you want to you could offer to help make your resignation easier for the organisation. (e.g., you could offer to train somebody else to do your job)
  • A short thank you at the end, if you think it’s appropriate

Make sure you keep a copy of your resignation letter.

To find out more about what you need to do when you're resigning, check out our Resigning and quitting page.

How to write it - sample letters

Here are some resignation letter examples that you can base your own resignation letter on. Choose a sample (and format) for downloading based on your specific circumstances.

Resigning without notice

Many jobs require you to give a specific period of notice when you resign so that you can provide some kind of handover to other staff before you leave. If your notice period isn't specified in your contract, it's usually at least the same length as your pay period (i.e., if you're paid fortnightly you need to give a minimum of two weeks' notice).

Use this sample as a starting point if don't know your exact period of notice:

» Resignation letter - notice period not known (PDF, 46kb)
» Resignation letter - notice period not known (RTF, 187kb)

Resigning with notice

If you do know the amount of notice you need to give when you resign, you should draft your letter using this sample:

» Resignation letter - amount of notice known (PDF, 45kb)
» Resignation letter - amount of notice known (RTF, 185kb)

What now?

Now that you've finished up with that job, you might be in the market for another one. Check out our How to find a job and Applying for jobs sections for advice on scoring yourself a brand new job.



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