VTAC Offers - Don't Panic!


Almost a third of all students who apply for tertiary courses through VTAC don't get their first choice. But even if you haven't been offered a place in your first-preference course, you may still be able to get in. You might also take the opportunity to re-think your options and maybe even try something completely different.

Here's an overview of your options if you didn't get offered a place in the course you wanted:

> Second round and supplementary offers
> Mid-year entry
> Reapplying next year
> Doing a TAFE course
> Studying online
> Adult and community education
> Doing an apprenticeship or traineeship

And for some general tips on picking a course, check out our Choosing a course page

Second round and supplementary offers

VTAC offers come out in a series of rounds. Not everybody accepts their first-round offer. Some people reject the offer they're sent, or decide to defer. This can leave spaces available in the course you want.

After all first round offers have been either accepted or rejected, a series of second round offers are made. And after that, some supplementary offers are made once second round offers have been accepted or rejected.

This doesn't mean you should knock back your first-round offer, though. It's better to accept the offer you got and withdraw it later if you get a better second-round or supplementary offer.

Changing preferences between offer rounds

You can also change the order of your course preferences between offer rounds. This can be useful if there's a new course you're interested in or a course you're no longer interested in. For more about changing preferences, check out our Guide to changing your preferences page.

For more about how offers work, check out the VTAC Offers page (new window). 

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Mid-year entry

Some courses let you start midway through the year. To find out if the course you want allows mid-year applications, contact the course administrators directly. 

For more about mid-year entry, check out our Mid-year entry page.

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Reapplying next year

If you really want to do a course and you don't get in, you could decide to take a year off from study and reapply the following year. The application process is exactly the same.

While you're waiting to reapply, there are lots of ways you could spend your year. Check out our Taking a gap year page for suggestions about things to do while waiting to get into the course of your dreams.  

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Doing a TAFE or training course

Some TAFE or training courses can count toward a degree course. Doing a diploma course related to the degree you want could improve your chances of getting in later on. It could also help you get your qualification a little earlier.

To find out more about TAFE in Victoria, check out our TAFE & training page.

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Studying online

Some universities offer some of their courses through online study. The qualification you end up with is the same as if you studied on campus.

If you didn't get into the course you wanted, it's worth contacting the course provider or visiting their website to see if they offer the same qualification as an online course.

It's also worth contacting some universities outside of Victoria to see if they offer the course you want as an online course of study. 

You could also check out Open Universities Australia (new window), which offers online versions of courses from a number of Australian universities.

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Adult and community education

Adult education and community education centres offer a range of courses that can help you find a job or prepare you for further study.

For more information, check out our Learn Local Education and Training page (new window).

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Apprenticeships and traineeships

Apprenticeships, pre-apprenticeships and traineeships are a great way to get into certain careers. They're available in lots of fields, from traditional trades to things like sport and agriculture.

Find out more on our Apprenticeships and traineeships pages.

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