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What are they?

Hostels are privately-operated places that offer cheap accommodation, where you might have a small private room or you may share a room with other people. Bathrooms, lounge rooms and eating areas are usually shared facilities.

Places offering hostel-style accommodation may also be called:

  • Private hotels
  • Boarding houses
  • Rooming houses
  • Guest houses

Specialist hostels

There are hostels around Australia that offer specialist accommodation to meet the needs of particular members of the community.

Aboriginal Hostels Limited (AHL) provides temporary accommodation for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders, including secondary and tertiary students.

Hostel accommodation may also be an option for a young person with a disability who needs only a low-level of care or assistance.

Youth hostels

If you're new to a town or city and want to settle, hostel accommodation in a youth hostel is a good option. Youth hostels are mainly targeted towards young travellers and they offer comfortable dorm or private room accommodation.

Youth hostels are generally very social places and are a great place to meet all sorts of young people from around Australia and the world.

General hostel accommodation

Hostels are cheaper than renting a private flat or house, but this is because hostels usually don't offer you much private space or facilities (e.g. laundry, kitchen or private bathroom). Some hostels have shared TV rooms or lounges, but others don't have any shared recreation facilities.

If you're used to having your own space, you may have to adjust to sharing facilities with people you don't know very well.

You also have to consider security and trust issues - you may not feel comfortable leaving valuables or personal items in a shared room. And there's always the risk that you just won't get along with the other people in the hostel.


Aboriginal Hostels Limited (AHL)
AHL hostels offer temporary accommodation for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people. Browse the site's 'Hostels' section to find accommodation in your area.

Youth Hostel Association (YHA) Australia
Find Youth Hostel accommodation in Victoria.

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