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When moving into your new home, you have to get the gas, electricity and water connected. These are generally known as your 'utilities'. Some properties don't have gas for hot water, cooking or heating (it's all electric), so gas may be one less thing to worry about.

When to get set up

Plan to have the power on by the time you move in. Call the utilities companies well in advance of your move because it can take a few days to activate your account.

For the power, you may also have to make sure that certain switches are off at the property before the company finalise the connection. Negotiate the timing of this with your power company and the real estate agent in advance to ensure it goes smoothly.

Who to contact

Gas, electricity and water services are managed by different companies, depending on where you live. The links at the bottom of this page will help you find out who to contact in your area.

When it comes to the phone, you can choose which company to go with. Examine the deals and contracts offered by each company carefully and decide which one suits your situation best.

Moving out

If you're moving house, tell the services companies that you're moving and the services are no longer in your name, otherwise they might keep billing you after new tenants move in.

If your name is on a shared account, get your name removed when you move out. Contact the utilities companies to find out how to do it. You may need written agreement from your housemates to take your name off the bill.


If you're a low-income person and have a health care card, you are eligible for discounted services from the utility companies. Inform them upfront before connecting your utilities because you may get a substantial discount or a total exemption from connection fees.

You can really save a lot of money on your winter energy bills with a concession card.


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