Setting Up A Home | What do I need? | Youth Central

If you're setting up house from scratch, you'll need to take care of most things mentioned on this page. If you're moving into a share house, you may only need to think about your own room and anything else you want to bring to the household that may not already be there.

Get the lights and heating on

The first thing to consider is gas, electricity and water, then the telephone, though you may choose to just use a mobile phone. All these items are going to incur regular bills, so plan for them in your budget.

Furniture and appliances

Bare essentials are a bed, couch, table and chairs and the kitchen stuff - fridge, cutlery, plates and cups, cooking utensils, and pots and pans etc. If you're studying, you may consider a desk to be another essential item.

You'll also need a washing machine, unless you can and want to:

  • Use a laundromat or laundry service
  • Use shared laundry facilities in your flats or apartment block
  • Do your washing at your family home or at a friend's every week

Most people consider a TV, computer, DVD player and stereo to be essential, too.

Contents insurance is worth considering so you don't have to repeat these expenses should your stuff get stolen or destroyed in an accident.

Once the basics are covered and your budget sorted, only then think about luxuries like pay TV, fancy appliances and broadband internet.

Cheap and second-hand stuff

To save money, consider buying second-hand items for your first place and gradually replace it over time.

Op-shops like the Salvation Army or St Vincent de Paul Society are a good place to look for furniture, and even cutlery and crockery.

Newspapers and websites such as the or ebay are an option, but you won't necessarily get any guarantee or warranty on these goods.

You can consider renting things like a fridge and TV, especially if you're sharing the costs with housemates, though this will probably be more expensive in the long-term.

There are licensed second-hand dealers that specialise in furniture or appliances. Some may offer a warranty on what they sell you.

Auction houses deal with new or near-new furniture and appliances that you can bid for and buy at substantially lower prices than usual retail prices.

Lists a range of second-hand stuff.

New and second-hand goods for auction and sale.

St Vinnies Retail Centres (Op Shops)
Find a St Vinnies op shop near you for cheap second-hand furniture and other household items.

Breen Auctions
Holds monthly auctions of goods obtained with the profits of crime and confiscated by the Victoria Police.

Grays Auctions
Auctions of computers, home entertainment and household goods.