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Welcome to the FReeZA Website, a one-stop resource for everything you will ever need to know about the FReeZA program – whether you are a young person looking to get involved in organising events, a musician or artist looking for performance opportunities or an organisation currently delivering the program.

The FReeZA website contains a broad range of information, advice, resources and industry updates across five sections including:

FReeZA News – latest news on key events, programs and opportunities within the music industry.

Getting Involved with FReeZA – how to join a local FReeZA committee, getting a gig at FReeZA events and contact details for local FReeZA providers.

FReeZA Showcase – list of upcoming FReeZA events, reviews of previous events, best practice resources and a monthly profile of emerging musicians.

FReeZA Push Start Series – state wide competition for young musicians and bands, details on local heats and regional finals and information on applying to perform in a local heat.

FReeZA Workers - information for FReeZA workers delivering the FReeZA program including report templates, communication guidelines and logos and useful contacts.

FreeZa 2019-21 grants announced - Seventy-seven organisations across Victoria will share in grants of up to $73,500 for regional providers and $72,000 for metropolitan providers over the next three years to deliver music, cultural and recreational events for young people in their local community.


The FReeZA program is an innovative youth development program that provides opportunities for young Victorians aged 12-25 across metropolitan, regional and rural Victoria to enjoy live band gigs, dance parties and other cultural, recreational and artistic events that are drug, alcohol and smoke-free in supervised and safe venues.

FReeZA was established in 1997 to provide affordable and accessible music and cultural events in safe venues for young people and to give local performers development and regular performance opportunities.

Through grants provided by the Victorian Government, young people have the opportunity to become a part of a FReeZA committee to make decisions and lead in the staging of events, whilst also broadening networks within the community by connecting with local businesses, schools and other organisations. Being a part of a FReeZA committee also builds self-confidence, create and develop professional relationships, and provide opportunities to explore various education and employment pathways in the music industry.

As well as developing new skills, the FReeZA program also provide important performance opportunities for local musicians and emerging artists to showcase their talents through state-wide competitions such as the annual FReeZA Push Start Battle of the Bands.

The other types of events also staged by local FReeZA committees include staging of live band gigs, BMX/Skate comps, Hip Hop showcases, art and short film competitions, DJ dance events, theatre productions and local community, music and youth festivals.

The Push

A key partner in the successful delivery of the FReeZA program is The Push - an independent  statewide youth music and event management organisation.

From its initial involvement in the 1996 FReeZA pilot program and the 1997 FReeZA Live Tour, The Push continues to provide support to young people, and FReeZA workers through their networks and associations with bands, DJs, managers, booking agencies, security firms, sound and lighting companies, street press, record companies, publicists, graphic artists and recording studios.

Through networking with FReeZA committees around the state, The Push help to support young people to get the skills they need to organise their own live events.  Services and activities provided by The Push include:

  • facilitating annual training for FReeZA workers and committees
  • facilitating the FReeZA Push Start competition
  • staging the annual Battle of the Bands Grand Final at the Moomba Festival
  • free expert advice in staging events and other aspects of the music industry
  • FReeZA Committee Handbooks
  • developing resources, support materials and case studies for the FReeZA website
  • monthly e-bulletin updates for FReeZA workers
  • general advice for young and emerging artists
  • a music industry mentoring program for up to 30 young people per year.

For more information on the FReeZA Support Service please contact The Push via:

Telephone:  03 9380 1277