How to Enter and Prepare for a Freeza Push Start Competition (For Artists) | Youth Central

Step 1: Passion
To apply for the FReeZA Push Start Comp it is advised that you are not only good at writing and playing songs but you have a passion for it. FReeZA Push Start Comp aims to get young musicians involved in music no matter where they roam and we are looking for people with a dream to play on stages all around the world to come play for us.

Step 2: Applying
What is widely considered the most important step of all, but also one of the easiest - applying is as simple as filling out a form about as long as this guide and handing it in. Before that though make sure to jump onto this page to find your local FReeZA committee. Get in touch with them to find out when they’ll be hosting their local FReeZA Push Start heat. Artists can then find an Artist Application Form on The Push’s website ( Download the form and fill in all the details. If there are some questions you don’t know how to answer or need more information on other things you can always email The Push at or contact your local FReeZA committee. Once completed, it is then ready to be handed in. Get back in touch with your local FReeZA committee, send it through and start dancing – the last part of that isn’t as important.

Step 3: Writing
To contend for the FReeZA Push Start Comp your act must have at least 80% of original material for a 20-30-minute set. Covers are allowed, but make sure you’re putting your own spin on it so that the judges won’t confuse you with a tribute artist. Majority of your set will be original content, so as soon as or even before you have applied, get to writing and practising your songs. Make sure they are exciting, smart and sound good to ensure the best possibility of making it to the regional finals or grand finale.

Step 4: Practise Makes Perfect
It is vital that no matter how incredibly talented you are you practise your sound, singing, songs and stage presence. Running through all your songs so that they are stuck in your head reduces the likeliness of forgetting one of your parts and means you will be a powerhouse of confidence on the day. Practising your songs will also allow you to know them so well that you will be both proficient but also interesting and will give you the ability to tweak and add things to your song.

Step 5: Run-through
One very useful form of practising is doing a run through and timing yourself. Timing yourself while performing in your bedroom, in the garage or even in the bathroom will coordinate your stage time well and ensure that you don’t have to get off stage before playing your favourite song. It is also wise to play songs in front of an audience such as friends, family or your dog! In doing so they will be able to give you some positive or helpful feedback that can enhance your performance and make it appealing to the judges. Excluding the dog of-course, their feedback might not be positive or helpful.

Step 6: Promoting The Event
Make sure that while practising you are spreading the word of your upcoming gig. Anyone is able to come and see you and the other contestants perform, but they have to know about it first! Whether you share it on social media, tell your friends or even make posters, it will increase the amount of attendants so that you will have a choir of people shouting your name.

Step 7: Preparation
You have written songs, practised your set, even promoted the event and now it’s time for the final preparations. Make sure that you have everything you need for the upcoming round including strings, tuners, instrument cables, your instruments, and more. You don’t want to miss your set by having to turn around at the last minute and pick up all of these things. Having all your required items, and spares as well, will mean you will have enough head space to focus on important things rather than losing something and will lower yours stress levels marginally.

Step 8: It’s Time!
The time will come for you to step out onto the stage but do not worry. You have practised and written some incredible songs as well as strategically advertising it so that your crush doesn’t hear about it and watch you sing about them. The FReeZA Push Start Comp isn’t just a comp but an experience that will support you with your musical endeavours and provide great advice for your future. Even if you don’t get through to the second heat you will have many more years to try again so that each time you will become better and better.

The Final Step: Stay Motivated Make sure that no matter what happens you continue practising, learning and listening to music. Playing with friends and writing songs are some of the greatest things to do in your spare time so make sure you always stick with it!