Making and Promoting a Great Event Page on Facebook | Youth Central

1. Give away the core details in the title. Your audience only needs to know about date and time once they’ve decided they’re attending your event. Try and fit all the juiciest details into your event title so that if their eyes are just scanning the feed, they’ll want to click. If it’s free, make sure it’s in the title. If it’s all ages, make sure it’s in the title. The buzziest acts should be in the title. If it’s a trendy location, include the location. Anything else? Not necessary.

BAD EXAMPLE: Ali Barter at Arts Centre Melbourne on March 3rd

GOOD EXAMPLE: Ali Barter ~ Melbourne [FREE // ALL AGES]

2. Use a photo with no text whatsoever. In order to get the best engagement, you need to try and get your post in as many Facebook feeds as possible - that means no text in your event photo! You can post your cool poster in the event page itself, but to get eyes on your post a simple, textfree band photo is best. If there are multiple headliners, you can change the photo every few days or make a composite image. Go crazy! But whatever you do... NO TEXT!

3. Put your ticket link front and centre, if you’re pre-selling tickets. If you’re doing ticket presales - which tend to be pretty good - try and push the link as hard as you can. I’m talking at the top of the event page, if you can, or right underneath the artist list at the very least, and then again at the bottom of the event page. Then, make sure you’re posting it in every post you do in the event page. People likely won’t buy tickets until it’s been drilled into them a few times, and you want to make it as easy as possible for them to just click the link and buy.

4. If you’re running a Freeza event, make sure you’re providing the info the parents want. All Freeza events are drug, alcohol and smoke free - so make sure parents know! At the end of event pages it’s great to have a little disclaimer — ‘This is a fully supervised, drug, alcohol and smoke-free event.’ — and then add a website, email or phone number that parents can contact. Don’t push this angle too hard, because you want kids to not feel too parented, but just in case parents ask, their kids have the info easily accessible.

5. Target properly on Adverts Manager. Adverts Manager is really easy to use, but it’s hard to target your audience just right. Make sure you’ve got a good mix of specific and broad. Here’s what you need to be focussing on:

  • Location - For best results, target your town plus a 15 kilometre radius. If there aren’t enough people in your town, add surrounding towns to your location.
  • Age - 13 to 18 is generally a good way to do it — sometimes people have their age as a year or so older than their actual age, so allow for that in your targeting.
  • Interests - This is where you go crazy! Have a good knowledge of the bands you’re booking, and think of the popular acts who sound like them, or who they’d share fans with, and use them as your interests for targeting. So, say I was doing Bleeding Knees Club - I’d make the suggested interests bands like Dune Rats, DMA’s, Violent Soho, The Gooch Palms, and so on, as well as general interests such as triple j and Laneway Festival.