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The latest reviews written by young people and FReeZA Committees from all over the state, check them out.

The Monash Music Battle
The Monash Music Battle, hosted by Quiksound Productions was a huge success, with big numbers of people rolling in the doors.

New Slang with Tiny Little Houses, Alex Lahey + more
May 6th marked the beginning of The Push & Art Centre Melbourne’s all-ages, locally dedicated New Slang events.

FReeZA Push Start Heats - Wodonga
The FReeZA push start at The Cube Wodonga had people were getting pumped for our rising stars of Wodonga and surrounding areas.

Deep As F*X
A spoken word poetry night that Hume FReeZA crew INK Entertainment organised and was aimed at youth aged 15 & up.

Lilydale Street Party
Whilst rare, sometimes you come across events that really showcase the immense bond that is created when living in the same area for a period of time.

An Intimate Afternoon with Anthony Fantano
For those that may be unfamiliar with Anthony Fantano's work, the US-based reviewer runs the website and YouTube channel "The Needle Drop".