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Three year grant funding of $106,500 is available for regional providers and $105,000 is available for metropolitan providers to deliver safe, youth-friendly events.

Message from the Minister, The Hon. Ros Spence MP:

“FReeZA demonstrates the importance of supporting young people to realise their full potential, putting them at the centre of the organisation and delivery of youth-friendly events.”

About the program:

FReeZA 2022 – 2024 offers three-year funding for community organisations and local governments to deliver safe, youth-friendly events for young Victorians aged 12 to 25. Grant funding up to $106,500 is available for regional providers and $105,000 is available for metropolitan providers.. The FReeZA program is based on a youth participation model where young people lead the planning, development and delivery of music, cultural and recreational events in their local community.

This innovative youth development program enables young people to enjoy fully supervised drug, alcohol and smoke-free events.

Events are diverse and need to reflect the needs and interests of young people in their local area.

Beyond staging events that reflect the local youth culture, the program also provides important performance opportunities for local musicians and young emerging artists.

Events must take place between 1 January 2022 – 31 December 2024. More information is provided in the FReeZA 2022-2024 program Grant Guidelines below.

Applications open Monday 4 October 2021 and close at 3pm Friday 29 October 2021.

Application support

To support you to complete an application for funding, the Office for Youth will be running a series of information sessions. Please register at the links below:

If you wish to discuss your application for the FReeZA 2022–2024 program, or you have difficulties in applying, please email the Office for Youth or telephone 03 9595 2530 on weekdays between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm.

Program resouces:

FReeZA 2022-24 program Grant Guidelines

Resources for young people: 

There are a number of ways you can get involved with FReeZA. You can:

If you want to get involved in staging FReeZA events in your community you should first contact your local FReeZA provider. FReeZA providers are usually based at your local council or other youth service providers.