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Did you know that there are people and companies who have money put aside to help people like you pursue your dreams?

These people and companies are called 'philanthropists' – people who make charitable donations intended to improve people's wellbeing. Some people leave money in their wills when they die. Others prefer to donate it while they (or their companies) are still alive.

What is a philanthropic program?

Philanthropic programs or scholarships seek to give someone with a disadvantaged background or someone with particular skills or talents the chance to better themselves and contribute positively to society.

This is usually done by providing money to cover the costs of education and training. Some programs and scholarships also extend to paying for your living costs such as rent, utilities and food.

Philanthropic programs and scholarships are not just limited to help you to excel in a particular area of your life. There are also philanthropic programs designed to help you to help serve the community better by providing you with a grant to start or continue a program or activitiy that benefits your community in some way.

Who are scholarships and grants for?

People who receive scholarships and philanthropic grants are usually people who:

  • have some kind of exceptional skill
  • have a viable plan for a community service
  • come from a disadvantaged background.

The good news is that to win a scholarship or win a place in a philanthropic program, you don't necessarily have to be a super brain at school or university!

There are scholarships and philanthropic programs around for people who are good at sports, drama, dance, singing, music, art, science, or people who want to get into teaching or help their local community.

Don't listen to that negative dialogue in your head saying that you won't win a scholarship. If you're passionate about sport, study, the arts or helping your community, go ahead and find a suitable program or scholarship to apply for now! What have you got to lose?

Where can I find a scholarship or philanthropic program?

Your school or university would be the best place to start. Many advertise their available scholarships. Check with your university or TAFE's student administration, search their website or look in your student diary – scholarships are usually listed there.

It might also be worth looking at the Community Grants offered by the Victorian Government's Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure (DTPLI).

Finally, if you're really good at a particular sport, you should check out the grants and scholarships available at the Australian Institute of Sport.

How do I apply?

Each scholarship application will be different. When you find a scholarship fund that you are eligible for, make sure you take careful note of the application requirements and submission dates.

Check out our How to write grant applications page for some advice on what to keep in mind when putting an application together.


Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning - Grants
The Victorian Government's DELWP offers a range of grants to community organisations big and small. Use the Find a Grant tool to see what kind of grants you're eligible for.

Australian Institute of Sport - Grants and Scholarships
If you're really good at a particular sport, you should try for a scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport!