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Young people from across Victoria are making their voices heard as members of the first Victorian Youth Congress.

The Youth Congress is an advisory group of young people aged 12 to 24 who are working with government to inform policy, program and service developments. Members of Youth Congress come from different backgrounds and areas across Victoria. They also bring diverse skills and experience to Youth Congress deliberations.

Being a Youth Congress 2019 member

The Victorian Youth Congress will comprise 21 young people aged between 12 and 24, appointed through an open application process. The term for each member will be up to one year, with selection taking into account the need for a balance of skills, metropolitan or regional representation and diverse representation.

 Members will be selected for appointment based on their:

  • ability to contribute constructively to the role of Youth Congress
  • ability to represent the views of young people in an effective, credible and authoritative manner
  • ability to act as an ambassador for young Victorian people
  • understanding of their community and the experiences of diverse groups of young people.

Membership of the Victorian Youth Congress will be subject to a range of terms and conditions, such as minimum attendance requirements, potential conflict of interest and other related matters.

Youth Congress 2019 membership

Applications for the 2019 Victorian Youth Congress closed on Monday 3 September. 

Final membership will be announced soon.

The Congress is a key part of the Victorian Government’s Youth Policy: Building Stronger Youth Engagement in Victoria.

Meet the 2018 Victorian Youth Congress

Profile photos of the 2018 Victorian Youth Congress

View the full 2018 Victorian Youth Congress member profiles (351kb).

Parliament House Tour Video 

Minister for Families, Children and Youth Affairs, Jenny Mikakos and members of the Victorian Youth Congress visit Parliament House in Melbourne.

More information

If you have any questions about the Victorian Youth Congress, please contact the Office for Youth at or on (03) 9096 9511.