Wakakirri goes digital | Youth Central

This year, the Wakakirri Story-Dance Association 2021 will be broadcast online and all schools that have participated were encouraged to transfer their entries to Wakakirri Video.

Wakakirri Video allowed schools to submit their story-dance for feedback and judging from Wakakirri’s national panel. This way, students can continue to experience Wakakirri digitally.

Schools received a full refund on participation fees and all schools will automatically receive free entry into Wakakirri Video should they choose to do so.

A special Waka TV episode is now available online, featuring a season wrap up of outstanding performances and the announcement of the Wakakirri Raising Awareness National Awards.

Each year, thousands of young performers from schools across the country showcase their story-telling talents through performances at the Wakakirri shows, judged by professional performers at Wakakirri’s National Panel. Students become artists on stage, expressing themselves through dance to tell stories in areas they are most passionate about, including environment, history, reconciliation, culture, society and health.

Last year, 294 schools across Australia participated in the competition and even through the pandemic, young performers continued to rehearse their performances at home for this amazing show.

The Victorian Government is proud to support Wakakirri each year to deliver shows that enrich the lives of Victoria’s young artists. We hope the hard work and persistence our young performers have demonstrated will help them to continue their artistic journey and bring with them the experiences and skills they have acquired to Wakakirri 2022.

Find out more on the Wakakirri website.

Photo: Hoppers Crossing Secondary College at Wakakirri 2019.