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There are lots of websites that can help you find jobs, including:

  • job search websites
  • company websites
  • employment agency websites
  • government job websites.

You may even be able to find jobs that aren’t advertised by creating a profile on job search websites or professional networking websites.

Use job search websites

Job search websites are the most popular places online for job vacancies to be advertised. They're easy to use – just type in the name of a job or skill and a list of current job vacancies will show up.

You use a similar process on most job search websites:

  • Enter the name of a job or skill in the search field.
  • Choose the location you want to work in.
  • View the job listings displayed.

Tips for using job search websites

If you’re not sure what kind of job you’re looking for, you can use broad search terms like ‘teen jobs’ or ‘no experience required’.

You can also narrow down the number of results displayed by being more specific about the type of work you want. For example, you can search for only part-time or casual jobs.

Here are some other tips for using job search websites:

  • Use lots of different job search websites. This increases your chances of finding the right job for you.
  • Use a few different search terms or key words. For example, if you’re looking for a job in a cafe, try ‘waitress’, ‘waiter’, ‘wait staff’, ‘floor staff’ and ‘food service’.
  • Note key words used in the jobs ads you like and then use them in your searches. For example, you might notice the words ‘warehouse’ and ‘inventory’ and then start using the same words or the same kind of words.
  • Set up job alerts. You can get the website to email you with new relevant job vacancies.
  • Apply as soon as you can. Most employers will start interviewing within a week of advertising the job.

Visit company websites

Sometimes companies list jobs on their own websites before advertising them elsewhere. Some companies only use their own websites to list job vacancies.

If there's a company or organisation you want to work for, you could visit their website to see if they have a job vacancies page.

Even if there aren’t any jobs listed, you could still use the company website to find out their contact details. Then you could call or email them to ask about jobs. This is called ‘cold calling’ – visit our Cold calling page for more information.

If a company hasn't included their contact details on their website, you could also try getting in touch with them through their social media pages.

Visit employment agency websites

Employment agencies are companies that find workers for employers. Most employment agencies have their own websites where you can search for available jobs.

Some employment agencies specialise in particular kinds of jobs or particular industries. If you know which agencies specialise in the areas you're interested in, you can visit the job listings on their websites.

Visit our employment agencies page for more information.

Use a government job website

There are lots of job opportunities in local, state and federal governments. You can use a government careers website to search for government jobs.

Examples of government job websites include:

Visit our How to find a government job page for more information.

Create a profile on job search and networking websites

Lots of job search websites let you create a profile. You could also create a profile on a professional networking website. 

You can upload your resume to your profile and include other information about yourself.

You can post things like:

  • your education and qualifications
  • what industry you want to work in
  • references from previous employers.

Some employers look through job search profiles to find people who match their needs.

Before creating a job search profile, remember that:

  • job search profiles and professional networking sites are generally for people with more experience who have skills in a profession
  • when you make a profile on one of these websites, you need to be careful about your online image.

Search regularly

If you're serious about finding a job, you need to search regularly. Set yourself goals, like:

  • the number of hours you’ll spend looking for jobs each week
  • the number of applications you’ll make each week – visit our How to apply for a job section for more information
  • the number of employers you’ll contact – visit our Cold calling page for more information.

The more often you look, the better chances you’ll have of finding the kind of job you’re after.

Where to search for jobs online

Here’s a list of places you can search for jobs online. It’s not a complete list of all job search websites. You can do an online search for ‘job search websites’ to find more sites.


Seek is one of the largest jobs websites in Australia. It currently lists around 70 per cent of all online job ads in the country.


CareerOne is a popular Australian job search website.


Indeed pulls together job listings from lots of different sources. This makes it quick and easy to find jobs that are listed in different places online.


Adzuna is run by a UK company, but it lists Australian jobs too.


Jobactive is the Australian Government’s jobs website. You can use it to search thousands of jobs. You can also use it to find out more about the Australian Government’s jobactive program.

LinkedIn is a professional networking website that lets you create your own profile. You can use the website to network with employers and other people.