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It's the same old story... the job ad says 'must have experience', but how can you get experience if no one will give you a chance?

If you're starting out and don't have relevant work experience, it can be tough to convince an employer to hire you, but there are ways that you can build up your skills and experience and demonstrate that you're a good choice for the job. And you may discover you have the skills employers desire!

Get some work experience

A great way to start getting relevant work experience is Volunteering. You can help out a not-for-profit organisation, learn valuable skills and get a good reference.

Make the most of Work experience opportunities presented by your school, TAFE or university, or arrange your own. A couple of weeks in a real work place can provide you with skills and understanding that puts you ahead of other job applicants.

Competitions and awards

By participating in awards or competitions, you demonstrate a positive attitude and a willingness to work towards your goals.

If you win or receive recognition for your efforts, this will stand out on your resume and boost your confidence.

Community involvement

Becoming involved in your community is another way that you can demonstrate to employers that you have what it takes to do the job. It proves you have a good understanding of teamwork, commitment and responsibility, which are all things employers look for.

If you've ever captained or coached a team, include this in your resume.

If you belong to a club, committee or sports group, highlight this in your resume and outline your contribution. Whether you serve at the canteen at the local footy club or are the treasurer for a conservation group, highlighting this experience in your application can boost your chances of landing a job.

School projects

If you're a recent secondary school or tertiary student, think about the projects you recently completed. Did any of them involve:

  • Teamwork?
  • Organisation and time-management skills?
  • Research?
  • Communication and presentation skills?

Employers look for applicants with these kinds of skills. Highlight your contribution to group projects in your resume and cover letter.

Research the job and the employer

Stand out from other applicants by demonstrating your enthusiasm, knowledge and suitability for the job. Find out about the company and show an understanding of their needs in your application.


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