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You apply for an apprenticeship or traineeship in the same way that you apply for a job. But first you need to find that job. There are lots of different ways to find an employer to take you on as an apprentice or trainee, including:

Australian Apprenticeships Centres

A good place to start is your local Australian Apprenticeships Centre. You can search their site for information or call them on 13 38 73 (local call cost).

You could also visit an Australian Apprenticeships Centre in person. There are over 300 locations across Australia. You can find your nearest Apprenticeship Network Provider by filtering the list of providers on the Australian Apprenticeships website.

Group Training Organisations

A Group Training Organisation (GTO) is an organisation that employs apprentices and trainees and places them with host employers. A GTO takes responsibility for the training and the wellbeing of its apprentices and trainees. If you register with a GTO, they'll work to find an apprentice or trainee placement for you.

Some GTOs specialise in a particular industry, while others work with a range of industries in their area. When you sign up, you're officially employed by them, so they do all the paperwork relating to things like your wages and superannuation. 

To find a Group Training Organisation near you, go to the Group Training Australia website.   

Advertised job vacancies

Searching online, registering with a job website and browsing newspaper classifieds is a well-worn way to look for work, but it works. Our How to find a job section has more on how to track down job vacancies. The principles are pretty much the same when looking for an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Use your own networks

Let people such as your family, friends and co-workers know that you're looking for an apprenticeship or traineeship. Someone might know someone who can help.

Once you have some names and contact details, you can find out if those employers are taking on apprentices or trainees. Even if they aren't, they might know someone who is.

Here are some tips for ways to chase down employers:

  • When you hear of a potential lead, get the name and contact details.
  • Go ahead and give them a call.
  • Consider offering to do some work experience first.
  • Make sure you get paid for any trial work.  

Check out our Networking page for more about tapping into your existing contacts. For tips on calling someone to ask about apprenticeships or traineeships, check out our Cold calling - Tips for success page.

Apprenticeships and traineeships for people with a disability 

If you are a person with a disability, you may be eligible for additional support in finding an apprenticeship. The Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support (DAWWS) program provides additional financial support to employers who take on an apprentice who has a disability. Further support with off-the-job training, like mentors, tutorials and interpreter services, are also available to apprentices and trainees with a disability.

Disability Employment Services (DES) can help you to find an apprenticeship in your area. To find your nearest DES provider, you can use the finder tool on the Disability Employment Australia website.

To find out more about DAWWS and support for apprentices/trainees with a disability, visit the Australian Apprenticeships Support for Australian Apprentices with disability page.

The Youth Employment Scheme

The Victorian Government offers a range of apprenticeships and traineeships to young Victorians aged between 15 and 24. To find out more about how you can get involved, and to check out the stories of young people who've gone through the program, check out the Victorian Government Traineeships page. 

Careers advisers

If you’re at school, TAFE, uni or doing another kind of training, you may have access to a careers adviser or career counselling. Careers advisers and counsellors can give you information and resources about a particular industry and related work experience. They might even know some employers who could take you on as an apprentice or trainee. 

For some more information about how to find a careers adviser, check out our Career counselling page.

Australian Defence Force

If you join the Australian Navy, Army or Air Force, they'll organise an apprenticeship for you. The qualification you'll receive is nationally recognised – not just in the military, but everywhere else in Australia.

Before signing up for this type of apprenticeship, you should get all the facts on what you're committing to, like the required time commitment and all the possible obligations and responsibilities that come from serving in the armed forces.

Visit the Defence Jobs website for more information about the range of opportunities and how to apply.


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