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Studying can be really stressful and things can happen in the rest of your life that make it even harder. You might need help with some personal stuff or you might be looking for some career advice. There are people out there who can help with both.

Affordable services

As a student you can access counselling services for less than the normal rate and there will also be free or low cost services available at your school, uni or TAFE.

To find other counselling services near you go to Reach Out’s Counsellors page or use Beyondblue’s Get Support service to find a GP or clinical psychologist. There are low cost services available to students and low income earners.

Study stress

If you're feeling overwhelmed by your studies there are people you can talk to – people who can give you good advice and help you deal with stress and anxiety.

Your school, uni or TAFE will have a counselling service and this is probably the best place to start. If they can’t help you they’ll refer you to someone who can.

For some online tips check out Reach Out’s Stress and Anxiety page.

For more info on study stress check out the Better Health Channel’s Tertiary studies - managing stress, which is a comprehensive guide to stress and other health issues tertiary students may be dealing with.

Career counselling

Career counsellors can help you decide what kind of job you'd like to do and what sort of training and education you’ll need.

Most schools, universities and TAFEs have career counsellors or career resource centres that offer free or low cost services. There are also career planners who work independently but they’ll charge a higher fee.

Check out our Career counselling page to find out more about this.

You’ll also find some useful info in our Jobs and careers section. Our career planning pages are a good place to start.


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