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If you're a student in Victoria you’re entitled to discounts and concessions on a range of things including public transport, event tickets and health care. 

How to get a student discount  

Student discounts are available on things like:

  • airfares
  • books
  • public transport
  • computers and software
  • car registration
  • medical and dental costs
  • tickets to movies and events
  • club memberships.

Most places that offer student discounts or concessions will just need to see your student card from your school, uni or TAFE. Make sure you always have it with you.

For some other discounts you’ll need to buy or apply for a specific discount card.

Your student diary from school, uni or TAFE will probably have a list of places that offer student discounts, or coupons you can use to get things cheaper. To find out more, check with your student administration office.

If you’re not sure if you can get a discount on something just ask – the worst they can do is say no.

Student public transport concessions

To buy concession tickets for trams, trains and buses in in Victoria, you need to have a Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card. You can download student concession card application forms from the following pages on the Public Transport Victoria website:

You can also get concession tickets for public transport if you have a Health Care Card (see "Cheaper Rego & Public Transport" below).

International student concession cards

If you're planning to travel in Australia or overseas, you might consider buying an internationally recognised student card.​

These cards are recognised internationally can give you access to discounts and benefits both in Australia and overseas. You can save on things like:

  • airfares
  • accommodation
  • museums
  • food
  • shopping.

A quick online search should turn up a few companies that offer these cards. Before you hand over money for any concession card, though, do a bit of research.

  • Talk to your friends or family to see if anyone else has used the card you're thinking of buying.
  • Do an online search to see what other people are saying about that card.

Other concession cards

Some organisations offer student discount cards that you can buy in return for discounts at businesses that they have a sponsorship arrangement with. A quick search for "student concession cards" should turn some up.

Before you buy one of these cards, though, you should do some research. Ask around to see if any of your friends or family have bought a card like it, and whether they thought it was worth the money.

You could also get in touch with Consumer Affairs Victoria to see if they have any advice about a student concession card you're considering buying. You can call them on 1300 55 81 81 or email them at

Health Care Cards

You're eligible to apply for a Low Income Health Care Card if you receive a Centrelink payment like Austudy, ABSTUDY or Youth Allowance. You may also be eligible to apply for one if you earn under a particular amount each year.

As a Health Care Card holder you can get concessions on things like prescription medications, dental care, water and energy bills and public transport – see "Health Care Card Concessions in Victoria", below, for more.

Note that you won't get a Health Care Cards automatically. Even if you receive payments from Centrelink, you still need to put in an application.

Check out our Youth Allowance & Other Allowances page for more about student allowances.

Health Care Card concessions in Victoria

Health Care Card holders in Victoria are eligible for a range of concessions, including discounts on bills, medical expenses, study costs, motor vehicle registration and public transport.

The Department of Health and Human Services website has information about the range of concessions available in Victoria.

Note that these concessions can change over time. Sometimes the amount of discount can change, and sometimes a concession can stop being offered altogether. It's a good idea to make sure you double-check that a concession is currently available before you assume that you'll get it.

Cheaper bills

A range of concessions on energy and water bills are available to Health Care Card holders in Victoria including:

Cheaper study

Health Care Card holders in Victoria are eligible for discounts and concession rates on TAFE and training enrolment. To find out more about these discounts, check out the TAFE enrolment fees concession page on the Department of Human Services website.

TAFEs may also offer concessions on enrolment fees to partners of people who have Health Care Cards, if they are dependent on the cardholder for their income. Talk to your student administration office to find out more about this.

Cheaper medical and dental care

Health Care Card holders in Victoria are eligible for a range of discounted medical services, including:

  • prescription medicine – bring your Health Care Card to the chemist when buying prescription medicines for a discounted price
  • dental treatment – bring your health care card to the dentist for free or discounted dental care (depending on what you're getting done) through public dental clinics in community health centres, rural hospitals and the Royal Dental Hospital in Melbourne
  • ambulance travel – Health Care Card holders get free ambulance and air ambulance travel anywhere in Australia in an emergency or on the recommendation of a doctor
  • eye care and glasses – free eye examinations and low-cost glasses are available for Health Care Card holders in Victoria (and their dependants under the age of 16 if they are listed on the concession card)
  • optometry and eye care service – the Victorian College of Optometry provides low-cost eye care for people with Health Care Cards
  • hearing services – a wide range of free and discounted hearing services are available to Health Care Card holders, including hearing tests and hearing aids.

Cheaper rego and public transport

Drivers in Victoria who have Health Care Cards are entitled to a reduction in their registration fees as long as the cardholder or their spouse is the registered operator of the vehicle.

Public transport concession fares are also available on trains, trams and privately operated bus lines within metropolitan Melbourne and on V/Line services throughout Victoria.


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