Changing Courses & Universities | Youth Central

Transferring means changing what you’re studying or where you’re studying before you finish the course. Some of what you’ve learned in the course you’re currently enrolled in could count towards the course you study next.

What types of transfer are there?

There are three main types of course transfer.

  • Internal transfer is when you transfer from one course to another with the same course provider.
  • External transfer means you change course providers, either to continue studying the same course or to start a different one.
  • International transfer is used to refer to an Australian student studying part of their course overseas or an international student studying part of their course in Australia.

Why would I transfer to another course?

There are lots of reasons you might choose to transfer to another course.

  • You need to study somewhere closer to home.
  • You want to continue your studies interstate or overseas.
  • You’re doing a TAFE course and want to continue your studies at uni.
  • You want to do a double degree (for example, move from Arts to Arts/Law).
  • You want to study the same course at a more reputable uni or TAFE.

How do I transfer?

There might be some academic requirements you’ll have to meet to be considered for a course transfer. This could mean getting consistently good grades or having relevant practical experience.

To transfer between courses at the same uni or TAFE you’ll need to contact your course advisor. If you’re planning to transfer from one uni or TAFE to another you’ll need to contact the relevant faculty at both institutions and find out how to apply for the new course through VTAC.