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O Week is a week set aside by universities and TAFEs at the start of the year so that new students can get a handle on what the life of a tertiary student is like.

At O Week activities you'll find out more about where you're studying, and you could even make some friends as well.

When is it?

O Week usually happens in the last week of February each year, but for exact dates you should check out your uni or TAFE's website.

What happens?

There's a lot going on during O Week, and a lot of people trying to let you know why what they do is important to you. O Week events can include:

  • free lunches
  • course intro lectures
  • campus tours
  • live music and comedy
  • trivia nights.

It can all be a bit overwhelming, so check out our advice about what to keep in mind during O Week.

The serious stuff – four things to do

O Week is a celebration, but it's also a chance to find out more about the academic side of student life. Here's some things you can do to get a handle on it.

1. Take a tour

Student-run tours take new students for a walk around the campus to find out where all the various buildings are – not only the ones your lectures are in, but places like sports facilities, the student union building, the library, the cafeteria, and so on.

2. Check out a welcome lecture

Most unis and TAFEs will run lectures that welcome new students and give them a rundown on what their campus has to offer. There might also be welcome lectures for the course you're doing.

Checking out these lectures is a good way to get to know what's on the cards for the year. Some of them are even compulsory, so make sure you know if your course expects you to go to one (you can find out on your uni or TAFE's website)

3. Think about joining the student union

Union fees might seem expensive, but they can score you discounts (and invites to some great parties). Student unions also offer their members helpful services like legal advice and facilities like equipment hire.

For more about student discounts check out our Student concessions page.

4. Think about joining a professional society

Many unis have a society for each area of study (such as The Law Society or the Commerce Society). In first year they're a chance to meet people studying the same course, but down the track the people you meet in a professional society will be able to help you network in your chosen career or field of study.

The fun stuff – three things to think about

Of course there's a fun side to O Week as well! Here are some things to think about while you're off having fun.

1. Check out the clubs and societies

There are a lot of social clubs at uni and TAFE, focusing on everything from sport and movies to gaming and chocolate. During O Week they’ll all be hosting their own events and offering things like cheap (or free!) food, drink and entertainment to lure in new members.

For more on joining uni clubs and societies, check out our Student clubs and societies page.

Clubs and societies are a great way to have fun and try out new things, and they're also a good way to...

2. Make some friends

O Week is meant to be social, so try and find a few friends to do some O Week activities with. You might already know some people from your old school, or you might meet some new people that you click with at an O Week event.

O Week is more fun in a group than wandering around by yourself. And when you’re hanging out with your mates, remember to…

3. Take care of yourself

A lot of O Week activities take place outdoors. Being summer in Victoria it will probably be hot, so make sure you stay hydrated and keep yourself covered up in the sunshine.

There’s also bound to be a few big parties as part of O Week, so have fun, but make sure you don't overdo it.

For more about looking after yourself and your mates when you’re out, check out our How to have a safe party and Binge drinking pages.

What else happens?

Most unis and TAFEs will have full programs of all of their O Week events, both academic and social, on their website. You could also give their student information line a call to find out more about what’s on offer.

Have fun, and enjoy the start of your new student life!


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