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Before choosing your accommodation

As a student, you may have certain things to consider before deciding on your accommodation:

  • Your budget may be limited if you're not working full-time.
  • You probably need some private, quiet space to study.
  • You may want to live as close as possible to campus, especially if you don't have your own transport.
  • You may want to live close to other students so you can socialise and study together.

While you can consider share housing with friends, you may also want to look at the specialised student accommodation options available.

How do I find student accommodation?

The best place to start looking for student accommodation is through your university or TAFE administration or student union.

Most universities and TAFES can help you find accommodation on or near campus, and some provide their own accommodation for students.

What's student accommodation like?

Student accommodation varies a lot, depending on the institution and the specific property you are in.

Dormitory style accommodation may impose rules that affect who you can have in your room. However, some student accommodation is like your own self-contained apartment and you may come and go as you please.

You'll probably have to provide your own meals, but some student accommodation is fully catered.

Ask the facility manager questions and see the place before agreeing to take a room.


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