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Thinking about working in the agriculture, forestry or fishing industries?

People who work in these areas are involved with things like fruit and veggie production, grains and crops, sheep, beef cattle, dairy cattle, poultry and other livestock farming, agricultural services (everything from pesticides to farm machinery), hunting and trapping, forestry and logging, and marine fishing and aquaculture.

The goods produced in these industries are usually purchased by manufacturers for further processing or are exported overseas.

Associations, peak bodies & government organisations

Visit these organisations to find out more about each industry including information about jobs, career paths and training opportunities.

Agribusiness Association of Australia
Australian Dairy Farmers
Australian Egg Corporation
Australian Forest Growers
Ausveg - National peak body for vegetable and potato growers
Department of Agriculture and Water Resourses (Federal)
Horticulture Australia
Fruit Growers Victoria Ltd
Nursery & Garden Industry Australia
Victorian Farmers' Federation

Career profiles

Find out about some of the jobs that people do in the agriculture, forestry and fishing industries.