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Careers in defence and security span areas including police, fire, ambulance, emergency and rescue, defence forces and security.

A career in the police force could see you entering organisations like the Victoria Police (or an interstate police force) or the Australian Federal Police.

Jobs in fire, emergency and rescue services are available through organsisations such as the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board, the Country Fire Authority, Metropolitan Ambulance Service, Rural Ambulance Victoria or the Victoria State Emergency Service.

A career in the the Australian Defence Forces can include jobs in the army, navy and air force and government departments providing defence services. Or you could find work in organisations that provide private security, protection or investigation services.

Associations, peak bodies & government organisations

Visit these organisations to find out more about each industry including information about jobs, career paths and training opportunities.

Australian Army
Australian Federal Police
Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers
Australian Security Industry Association
Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board
Royal Australian Air Force
Royal Australian Navy
Ambulance Victoria
Victoria Police
Victoria State Emergency Service

Career profiles

Find out about the types of jobs that people do in the defence and security industries.