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People who work in the transport, logistics & supply chain areas have jobs that involve the moving of goods from point A to point B.

These types of jobs include:

  • Customs and freight
  • Courier, despatch and delivery
  • Postal services
  • Warehousing and inventory
  • Forklift and crane operation
  • Road, rail and air freight
  • Domestic and international airlines
  • Public transport

If you're keen to get into this industry, the TDT Victoria Career and Course Guide is a handy publication about the jobs that are available in transport, logistics & supply chain, and what kind of courses can help you get those jobs.

Associations, peak bodies & government organisations

Visit these organisations to find out more about each industry including information about jobs, career paths and training opportunities.

Australian Federation of Air Pilots
Australian Trucking Association

Career profiles

Find out about the types of jobs that people do in the transport, storage and logistics industries.