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If you are looking for an alternative to university or TAFE, Learn Local is a practical option – giving you the skills to get a job, get a better job or go onto further education at TAFE or university.

Every year over 95,000 Victorians choose to learn through government registered Learn Local organisations. They offer a range of community education and training programs for people from all walks of life.

Courses range from basic computer skills to VCE and VCAL, and also certificates and diplomas in subjects that the local community wants. The focus is on individual needs, tailoring programs for both the learner and businesses. And the best bit is that with over 300 locations across Victoria, there is sure to be a Learn Local organisation just near you!

No matter what level of education or training you have achieved, Learn Local can help. New skills can be life-changing, offering job choices, further education and the chance to interact with others in your Learn Local community.

What are Learn Local organisations?

Learn Local organisations are independent community organisations. They are all not-for-profit businesses that are established to serve the needs of local communities.

Around half of Victoria’s Learn Local organisations are registered training organisations (RTOs). This means that they are able to deliver accredited training and offer qualifications in the same way that TAFEs and private RTOs do.

Those Learn Local organisations that are not RTOs specialise in delivering pre-accredited programs. Pre-accredited programs are vocational training courses that provide a pathway to accredited training or employment.

That means that they can help you take steps toward getting officially accredited qualifications. Many of these non-RTO organisations work with other Learn Local organisations and TAFEs to offer their learners integrated pathways into accredited certificate and diploma programs.

In addition to education and training programs, most Learn Local organisations deliver a range of other services for their communities that can include childcare, employment services and community development activity.

Who delivers the training in Learn Local organisations?

The teachers that deliver accredited and pre-accredited programs in Learn Local organisations are committed to providing flexible learning opportunities for their communities.

The teachers at Learn Local organisations who deliver accredited training must have the same teaching qualifications as those teaching at other providers, like TAFE. The majority of these teachers also have a wealth of experience in the specific industry they are teaching their learners to work in.

What's the difference between Learn Local organisations and TAFE or university?

Learn Local organisations are friendly and welcoming, and class sizes are usually small. This means that you can get lots of opportunities to interact with other classmates and teachers.

The flexible delivery methods of Learn Local programs means that your learning can fit around you – your life, work, family or other commitments. Online delivery is also available for some courses.

Your local Learn Local organisation will work with you to find a course that best suits your needs, or even to design a course just for you, whatever it is you want to learn.

Where is my nearest Learn Local organisation?

With over 300 Learn Local organisations across Victoria, there is bound to be one just around the corner. To find your nearest organisation check out the Find a Learn Local Organisation search page.