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Seven days hardly seems long enough for school-leavers, with thousands of year 12 students heading to destinations across Victoria and Australia to celebrate the end of school between mid-November & mid-December each year.

This site has been designed to help school-leavers & parents make their well-earned celebrations as safe and hassle-free as possible.

There are a few places in Victoria with some organised schoolies efforts, including:

Queensland, South Australia (particularly Victor Harbour) and Western Australia also have their own organised schoolies efforts.

Register for schoolies 

Registering will make your Schoolies experience so much better, so what are you waiting for? It takes less than five minutes to register. Just head to the Registration page on the Good Times, Great Breaks website (new window) and click on the location you're planning to do Schoolies at in 2016. 

You can find out more about schoolies, including info for parents, stories from ex-schoolies and tips from youth and health workers on the following pages: