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Advance is delivered through a partnership where:

  • The Victorian Government provides program funding, guidelines, curriculum materials and support to plan, implement and evaluate Advance
  • Schools provide a learning environment that supports youth development
  • Community organisations may be involved in a range of ways, including providing materials, a learning environment and support for young people’s community activities using a youth development approach.

Professional development for teachers

The department acknowledges that the success of the Advance program relies heavily on the teachers charged with its delivery.

Teachers involved in delivering Advance should note that the annual grant payment includes $800 for teacher professional development, regardless of the student enrolment level.

Teachers are also encouraged to attend professional development opportunities offered by community partners throughout the year.

Resources for teachers

Schools participating in the Advance program have access to a range of resources to assist in the successful delivery of the Advance program. These include:

Advance program framework

The Advance program framework consists of three levels:

  • The five key program elements
  • Program delivery time frame options
  • The local delivery strategy.

Advance program framework-cheatsheet.pdf

Handbook for Victorian government secondary schools

Handbook for the Advance program in schools.

Advance Handbook for Government Schools.doc

Useful resources for Advance coordinators

Advance support reasources for Government school.doc

Advance Learning Modules.doc

Good Practice Principles for Advance Programs.doc

Advance Module Implementation Options

Tips for maximising outcomes for students

Advance Module Implementation Options.doc

Certificates of Recognition

Advance - 2019 Participation Certificate without signatures.doc

Advance - 2019 Participation Certificate with signatures.doc

Running Advance Over a Term

The flexibility offered by the Advance program means it is run very differently in each school. Some schools, for example, choose to run Advance over a term, rather than a semester or year. It can be challenging to complete all the components in such a short time. The document below includes some suggestions and ideas from coordinators to make it easier.

Advance - Running Programs Over a Term.doc

Advance Program Planning Matrix

To assist schools in the planning phase of the Advance program, the Department of Premier & Cabinet has developed the Advance Program Planning Matrix. The matrix identifies the key components of the Advance program and provides with the opportunity to identify actions; the role played by teachers, partners and students; as well as resources required.

Advance Program Planning Matrix.doc

Some ideas for new Advance coordinators

Advance Basic On-line Training Program

Designed for new co-ordinators of the program, this on-line training quiz serves as a good starting point for new Advance coordinators to familiarise themselves with the basic principles and structures of the Advance program. Click below to undertake the training.

Advance Basic On-line Training Program.ppsx

Teachers from previous professional development sessions have come up with some ideas for new Advance coordinators.

Advance Learning Module notes and ideas from new coordinators.doc


Department of Premier & Cabinet Services, The Advance Team

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Awards Victoria - Direct support and provision of professional development opportunities

The Department of Premier & Cabinet (the department) acknowledges that a key success factor of the Victorian Government's Advance program is the vital role that teachers play in coordinating the program.

That is why the department is delighted to announce the continuation of its partnership with Awards Victoria to assist schools delivering Advance through direct support and the provision of professional development activities.

The partnership is a great opportunity for all Advance schools to receive direct support (regardless of whether they currently deliver Awards Victoria programs or not) as well as assist the department in identifying challenges faced, key learnings, program development and support and resource needs.

The department encourages you to take up this opportunity by contacting Awards Victoria on (03) 8412 9333.