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FReeZA artists of the month Baby Blue poses on a staircase in Melbourne
FReeZA artists of the month Baby Blue poses on a staircase in Melbourne.

Beginning as a solo project for Melbourne’s Rhea Caldwell, Baby Blue has since grown into a rocking, rollicking four-piece combining 60’s rock, folk, and pop.

You’ve been pretty busy this year already with some really cool shows. Any other big plans for 2017?

We’re supporting Sonny and the Sunsets at The Tote on the 13th of April, opening Boogie Festival on the 14th and finally launching our EP on May 25th at The Curtin with Swim Team and Closet Straights! 

Who’s been some of your favourite acts to share the stage with so far?

Big Smoke, Broads, Jade Imagine and Oh Pep! 

Some of your favourite bands or influences in general?

I’ve been listening to Kevin Morby, Allah Las and Sonny and the Sunsets a lot lately but find influences from older stuff like Lou Reed, Neil Young and Mazzy Star.

When you’re not playing music, what other things are you doing?

I look after the bookings at Open Studio on High St and take photos for other musicians. The rest of the time I’m mostly hanging out with my dog or going to gigs and catching up with friends. 

What do you set out to achieve with your live performances and how do you feel when you’re performing on stage with a live audience?

I’m really working on trying to connect at the moment and give the audiences a show that they’ll feel good about going to. I write songs about a lot of personal stuff and issues I have to work through and I really like it if someone can hear a song and relate to it. I feel good about shows when someone relates to a song or a line in a song. It’s a good reminder that we’re all just humans struggling with the same things as one another. 

How do you come up with your material? Care to take us through a typical song writing process?

I mostly write the lyrics and chords together. I usually have something on my mind that’s distressing me or making me over think something. So I’ll write a song to try to work through that. I can’t really work out my emotions anymore without it. I don’t know how I dealt with things before songwriting.. Haha 

What kinds of things do you like writing songs about? What comes easiest to you?

Usually love or frustration in that department. I’m a total romantic and get myself into trouble for it. I’m trying to branch out and write about other things but that’s always at the forefront. 

Where can people find out more about your upcoming gigs and tunes?

I post about them on Facebook, our website and Instagram.