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Struck Out

Stuck Out is Melbourne's answer to a good time. They'll have you moving your feet and pointing your fingers with their catchy hooks. We speak to frontman Josh to get the low down on what they're up to.

Tell us about your music, how has your sound evolved since you began?

Our writing as a band has definitely grown since our first release and this has obviously affected our sound. When we started our songwriting was very simple but over time its become a bit more complex and layered which I think has resulted in a bit more of a mature sound compared to when we started.

You've just released an acoustic version of a song from your 2016 3 track, is this you hinting at new music?

Yes and no. We definitely have new music on the way however (as happens with a lot of music) its release has had to be continually pushed back and changed. The acoustic is a way for us to kind of thank everyone for sticking around and waiting for the new release.

What are your plans for the rest of 2017?

Hopefully more gigs! We won’t be releasing new music for the rest of this year but we’re still trying to get around and play a few shows here and there.

Who has been your favourite act to share the stage with and why?

It would definitely have to be out of Real Friends or Moose Blood. Real Friends influenced our sound as a band way back when we started and Moose Blood have directly impacted the stuff we write at the moment so we were stoked to perform with both of them this year.

What's the deal with 'another', it seems like everyone's eager to get the mic for this one word - how did this happen?

To be honest we’re not too sure how it started. We generally play our song ‘Fragments’ as the last song of our set and people try to mic grab the first word which is ‘Another’. It’s a pretty aggressive start to the song and we love giving out mic grabs so it’s pretty cool to see everyone push their way to the front and try to rip the mic out of my hands just for this one word.

Your songs have quite a bit of depth, what's your process in creating new material?

In terms of the music, Ian or Bren will generally come to me with a riff or chord progression to work on and I’ll start trying to build a song from there. If the demo is deemed good enough then Lyds will write the drum parts for it and we’ll make some group decisions as to what we can change for the better. Another key element for us is making sure the songs are relatable. Obviously everyone is at a different point in their life but lyrically we try to make sure that people will be able to relate the song in some sort of way.

What's the best way to find your music and stay in the loop with upcoming shows?

All our music is up on Spotify and iTunes and we always have updates on Facebook and Twitter!